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You are not alone:

Now is not the time to look away, worrying that you may be making a fuss over nothing.

“This was a 24/7 event before the pandemic and women and children are at increased risk at the moment because they have fewer opportunities to connect with friends and family and go to school and sports and be away from this environment.

“Our biggest concern for an extended lockdown is there is so little relief for women and children”
— Dr Marsha Scott, Chief executive of Scottish Women’s Aid

Thanks to campaigners, the Home Office the #YouAreNotAlone campaign, to help address the very real danger facing some women and children during the Covid-19 lock down in the UK.

HM Government “AT HOME SHOULDN’T MEAN AT RISK” image. FIND SUPPORT AT: gov.uk/domestic-abuse #YouAreNotAlone.
HM Government “AT HOME SHOULDN’T MEAN AT RISK” campaign. FIND SUPPORT AT: gov.uk/domestic-abuse

Because the ‘Stay home, save lives’ message, does not make them safer, it may put them in danger.

@RefugeCharity tweet with vital contact information: nationalhelpline.org.uk 0808 2000 247

Giving evidence during the last Home Affairs Select Committee, Dame Vera Baird QC, the victims’ commissioner for England and Wales, reported a surge in suspected domestic abuse killings in the UK.

She referred to findings made by the pioneering work of campaigner Karen Ingala Smith:

“Counting Dead Women has got to a total of 16 domestic abuse killings in the last three weeks. We usually say there are two a week, that looks to me like five a week, that’s the size of this crisis.”
— Dame Vera Baird QC, Victims’ commissioner for England and Wales

She added that we need to be creative in our thinking and response.

This is my response to Dame Vera that I hope can help to amplify the urgent message that you are not alone and that help is there for you right now and after the lockdown.

Working with a committed cast, from the UK and USA, the short screenplay has been developed and rehearsed. It could also work as an audio drama.

From my experience with #Emilymatters, I have found that drama and creativity can help to empower, educate and give a platform to those who feel their voices don’t matter and whose stories go untold.

I really admire Karen Ingala Smith and her work with both Counting Dead Women and the domestic abuse charity Nia.

Cast of ‘To Freedom’s Cause at the House of Commons, 2014. Directed by Brian Astbury.

She was part of a special House of Commons event in 2014, which included a performance of my Emily Davison suffragette play ‘To Freedom’s Cause’. This performance became the catalyst for #Emilymatters.

I hope that the story I have created that highlights domestic abuse at this time will help EVAW campaigners across the UK, as well as inform the Public.

The country is in lock down.
It’s Mandy’s 50th birthday party,
and you’re invited!

Join Mandy’s nearest and dearest
in a story teeming with
celebration, friendship and love:

We ran a series of virtual final rehearsed readings, which went incredibly well.

This story matters.
It needs to be heard.

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Original version posted on 21st April 2020 on my Medium page.

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