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In development:

A short drama written in response to the Covid-19 lockdown that has an urgent and positive message.

Written specifically for the Zoomsphere, with a cross-Atlantic cast.

Drawn from personal testimony, the story invites the audience to join Mandy and her nearest and dearest as they celebrate her 50th birthday.

Cast: Top L-R (Emilija Ellen, Moira Malone). Bottom L-R (Dan Edge, Rhona Finch).

It is both a thank you and, I hope, a means to open up conversations, helping to amplify the domestic abuse #YouAreNotAlone Public awareness campaign.

“What an important and pertinent issue to shine a light on and what a fantastic piece. I think for a general audience it might open a lot of people’s eyes.”

Other projects include:


TO FREEDOM’S CAUSE is the story of one woman, Emily Wilding Davison, and the working class suffragettes who campaigned alongside her, against all the odds – for equality and the right to vote.

House of Commons performance of To Freedom’s Cause, 2014: Emily Davison (Kate Willoughby), Margaret Davison (Kyra Williams). Photo credit: Brian Astbury.

First performed at Bolton Castle in 2009, the play went to have a regional Arts Council England backed tour.

To Freedom’s Cause should be seen by every woman and teenage girl. And by anybody who couldn’t be bothered to vote. Moving, stirring and passionate.
– Jane Garvey (BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour presenter)

A special performance of the play in the House of Commons in 2014, directed by Brian Astbury, was the catalyst for #Emilymatters, a grassroots initiative that draws inspiration from suffragette Emily Wilding Davison‘s powerful legacy.

“A play not just about ‘history’, but about people, love, fear and commitment.”
– Female Arts, 4 Stars

Through drama and creativity we help empower young people
to use their voice and be heard.


Premiered at Bolton Castle. The play later toured to London. Venues included HMP Brixton, Tristan Bates Theatre and Westminster Meeting House.

Darlington & Stockton Times article "Castle setting for a brave pioneer'

An exploration of the life of the pioneering nineteenth century prison reformer Elizabeth who was the first woman to address a House of Commons Committee in her crusade to improve the hellish conditions in women’s prisons and especially Newgate prison.

“I think the play will have a stimulating effect on its audience to look at the woman, the Quaker, the local celebrity and the prison reformer so far ahead of her time.” 
– Melvyn Freake, The Friend (London production)

‘A Fiver’s Worth of Courage’ HMP Brixton. Newgate Prison scene. Photo: David Pearson.

“A FIVER’S WORTH OF COURAGE was not only historically accurate, but also helped the audience step into the culture and concepts of the time … Through the promenade technique she skillfully involved the audience, helping them to relate to women prisoners in Newgate or those about to be transported. ” 
– Pip Land, Darlington & Stockton Times (Bolton Castle production)


Premiered at Bolton Castle.

A promenade production that recreated Mary’s early imprisonment and fabled unsuccessful attempt to escape the castle. 

Marie Stuart - Fleur d'Ecosse performance at Bolton Castle. Marie with maidservant and audience in Bolton Castle courtyard.

‘Marie Stuart – Fleur d’Ecosse’ performance at Bolton Castle, with Kate Willoughby as Mary Queen of Scots.

Marie Stuart - Fleur d'Ecosse. Colour image of the cast sitting in the chapel window.

Members of the cast of ‘Marie Stuart – Fleur d’Ecosse’ seated in the Chapel of Bolton Castle.

The site-specific production was adapted for school groups, including a French translation of the play for visiting cross Channel groups. A later version was created specifically for the castle’s Great Chamber.   


One-off performance at Bolton Castle.
In association with Louis Roederer for the Great Houses & Gardens of Yorkshire.  Included a Saxon banquet scene and pig handling in the castle yard.