#Emilymatters Christmas eCard 2016


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Detail from our animated Christmas eCard.

C H R I S T M A S   e C A R D

Celebrate the suffragette legacy with one of our #Emilymatters Christmas cards, made exclusively for us in Yorkshire by the wonderful Clavis & Claustra.

With the big day just a week away, why not spread some feminist festive cheer with our new animated eCard! Fill in the form below the still image screenshot & it’ll wing its way to you post haste!

In a year when too many people felt that their vote didn’t matter, that equality for women was unfair, our ‘Christmas Rebel‘ brings festive good cheer to all 21st century suffragettes

To find out more about our voting matters campaigns, see our #Emilymatters page. We’re developing a series of exciting new projects for 2017 and beyond!

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So get your suffragette skates on and fill in the form to get your own #Emilymatters Christmas animated eCard!

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