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Through drama and creativity we help empower young people to use their voice and be heard.


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#Emilymatters is a social media campaign to support and advance gender equality, particularly focusing on the importance of voting.

From the House of Commons to the Scottish Independence Referendum the 2015 General Election and the EU Referendum, #Emilymatters was there.

Much of the campaign and future project is about bringing people together, to celebrate how far we have come and through drama and creativity helping to empower a new generation to use their voice and be heard.




Kate Willoughby, as Emily Davison at the FIWAL 2018 Conference. Photo: Stephanie Cheong, Studeo M Ltd.


The 6th February 2018 marked 100 years since (some) women and all men got the right to vote (Representation of the People Act).

We have developed an interactive and empowering outreach project tailored to this Vote 100 year of celebrations.

As part of the February anniversary, we were involved in a series of events and media outreach, including a special podcast in honour of the Representation of the People Act with historian Dan Snow and a performance of the women at the heart of #Emilymatters, suffragette Emily Wilding Davison, as part of the UK wide launch of the Civil Service’s Vote 100 celebrations and suffrage flag relay.



L I V I N G   L E G A C Y

Listening to women and young people, the focus of our outreach work. It has become increasingly clear that their voices are not being heard in Westminster.

We believe that this historic year is a great opportunity to change that and create a living legacy that does Emily Davison and her brave suffrage sisters proud.

We are standing on the shoulders of giants – Ordinary, Brave and Extraordinary women, who never gave up the fight for equality and the right to vote.

Now it is our turn and time is pressing. 

“Make sure you can say that you championed the cause of democracy, equality and peace.”
– Extract from ‘Courage Calls!’ An Emily Davison speech for today by Kate Willoughby, 2018.

As headlines regularly shout out divisive rhetoric, claiming to speak for the electorate, we believe it is time to listen to the People and join the growing calls for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.



We are developing more outreach events and would love you keep you posted about what #Emilymatters does next!

For this year’s celebration of Emily Davison’s birthday and the UN’s Day of the Girl, we teamed up with the charity PAWA, who promote teenage girls’ education in Asia.

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#Repost @pawalondon #TBT “What an amazing celebration we've had last Thursday. A night full of inspiration!” | Many thanks to Zehan, Sunok, Phyllis, Ravit and everyone at #PAWA for partnering with us at #Emilymatters to create a unique #vote100 event, which included an immersive performance of @tofreedomscause highlights. We celebrated suffragette Emily Davison’s birthday and International Day of the Girl at the former #wspu head quarters on 11th Oct 2018. This clip features Penny Lamport as Margaret Davison & @katewilloughby8 as Emily Davison, from a scene set in Longhorsley, #Northumberland in the summer of June 1913. #Empawa #PAWALondon #DayoftheGirl ??? Step Up | Vote | Lead | Because #youmatter | ? bit.ly/Emilymatters

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The evening included a very special performance of a new immersive version of To Freedom’s Cause, created specifically for the venue (the former W.S.P.U. Head Quarters) in London.

Thank you to everyone who came, who took part and who supported this exciting new endeavour! We hope to bring the performance back and to develop its interactive potential to bring in even more people into this story that we are all part of.

It’s fantastic that a series of statues will be unveiled as part of the Vote 100 year. But why stop there?

Let’s create a powerful living legacy that has a positive ripple effect from one generation to the next.

We would love you to get involved, so please do get in touch!


? Your vote is powerful and fragile.


?️ Your voice matters. And not just at election time.

Voting is your hard won right, your birthright. It’s a precious gift that in some parts of the world today people still risk their lives to use.

Don’t let anyone silence you. But most of all, please don’t silence yourself. We are all equal at the ballot box, we all have one vote – if we register.

There is talk of another general election in the next few months, so if you haven’t already registered or if you are moving this summer, please do make sure you have registered.  ℹ️ www.gov.uk/register-to-vote


To all friends, known and unknown of the #Emilymatters campaign, never forget that no matter the disappointments or the setbacks, our direction is forwards – with love.

Emily Davison and her sister suffragettes are willing us on. It is our choice whether or not to further their noble cause.

I would like to reach out, to begin looking at ways of mutually encouraging and supporting other creative endeavours beyond borders and walls. Early days, but given that Toni Morrison’s inspirational call to action is clearly resonating, please do get in touch.

If the suffragettes were able to actively support their sisters’ endeavours across the UK, Europe, the USA and beyond, then why can’t we?

Kate Willoughby
Actor, Writer & Creative Director of #Emilymatters


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Since the launch in 2009 of ‘To Freedom’s Cause’, a highly-acclaimed play written by Kate Willoughby, highlighting the important legacy of suffragette Emily Wilding Davison, a woman who gave her life in the pursuit of equal voting rights for women, the Emily matters campaign has gone from strength to strength, attracting more than 4,000 followers on Twitter, using the hashtag #Emilymatters.


With high profile supporters including Dr Helen Pankhurst (great granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst), BBC Radio 4 ‘Woman’s Hour’ presenter Jane Garvey, noted feminist campaigners Yas Necati and Emily Thornberry MP, the movement has seen action in the Houses of Parliament, addressing the need to tackle the issue of gender equality at a national and international level.


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#Emilymatters event included a performance included a performance of ‘To Freedom’s Cause’ & a debate chaired by Jane Garvey with Chi Onwurah MP, Dr Helen Pankhurst, Yas Necati & Emma Barnett.


Emily matters seeks to give a voice to those who are still fighting for freedom’s cause; to vote, to speak freely, to be equal.




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