#Emilymatters Christmas Card 2016


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C H R I S T M A S   C A R D   &   E C A R D

Thanks to everyone who has bought our #Emilymatters cards last year. You have directly contributed towards our work to empower young people and women to step up, vote and lead. We really appreciate your interest and support.

We teamed up with the brilliant Clavis & Claustra, again this year and if you’re quick you can get your own cards this year that celebrate the suffragette legacy.

To get your #Emilymatters Christmas card from Clavis & Claustra, click on the Season’s Greetings from @Emilymatters image below:


If you would like to help back our future ambitious projects, Clavis & Claustra will donate 20% from every #Emilymatters card sale made via links from this website and our social media platforms.

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Do let us know if you buy our #Emilymatters Christmas cards and we’ll give you a big thank you on Twitter.

It’s been an unprecedented year on many levels, so during this festive season, we are reflecting on the last 12 months, drawing on the fact that so many people felt their voices had not been previously heard, in order to develop our plans for the future, because democracy and equality matter.

One of the lovely things about the cards was that you could choose to have a printed greeting inside that includes the suffragette signature Yours in the Cause or keep it blank for your own personal Christmas message.


Cat Crossley designed our card and did our heroine, North East suffragette Emily Davison proud! Clavis & Claustra is an independent publisher, which celebrates heritage and diversity.

I met Cat, a fellow Yorkshire woman, by chance at last year’s Feminism in London conference. She created some lovely suffragette themed items in addition to our special Christmas card.

More about @Emilymatters:


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Our future plans are taking shape and so we’d love you to get involved and be part of our #Emilymatters Crew. Be inspired by remarkable women like Emily Davison, Sophia Duleep Singh and Sylvia Pankhurst but most of all take action.


Kate Willoughby
Actor & Writer of Emily Wilding Davison play To Freedom’s Cause