2009-2013: Photos

Selection of images, from 2009 to 2013: 

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Interesting insights, special events, schools workshops in Northumberland & summer tour



Emily Wilding Davison (Kate Willoughby). Photo: Trevor Walker, 2013

Emily Wilding Davison (Kate Willoughby)
Photo: Trevor Walker, 2013




Emily Inspires-92_20

First Night, 2013: Margaret Davison (Kay Renner)
Photo: Trevor Walker, 2013



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Further research & development in London




On location: Sabina Arthur, Katie Russell & Val Burgess
Photo: K Willoughby, 2012




P1030453_on location WChapel Em&Mary

On location: Paride Odierna, Val Burgess, Kate Willoughby & Katie Russell
Photo: K Willoughby, 2012





In rehearsal: Herbert Jones (Peter Salter) & Shirley (Val Burgess)
Photo: K Willoughby, 2012





In rehearsal: Flora ‘General’ Drummond (Rhona Finch), Mrs Sparboro (Kay Renner) & Mrs Tuke (Sabina Arthur)
Photo: K Willoughby, 2012





In rehearsal: Mrs Tuke (Sabina Arthur) & Flora ‘General’ Drummond (Rhona Finch)
Photo: K Willoughby, 2012





Friends reunited: Norah Balls (Katie Russell), Emily Davison (Kate Willoughby) & Connie Ellis (Sabina Arthur)
Photo: Paride Odierna, 2012





Longhorsley: Mam (Kay Renner) & Emily (Kate Willoughby)
Photo: Paride Odierna, 2012



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TO FREEDOM'S CAUSE - Rada rehearsed reading Photo: Paride Odierna; 2011

Rada rehearsed reading
Photo: Paride Odierna; 2011





Rada rehearsed reading: Herbert Jones (Peter Salter)
Photo: Paride Odierna, 2011




Still from TO FREEDOM'S CAUSE - Rada rehearsed reading, Prison Dr, Emily & Prison Wardress (Peter Salter, Kate Willoughby & Sabina Arthur) ; 2011

Rada rehearsed reading (Peter Salter, Kate Willoughby & Sabina Arthur)
Image: Paride Odierna, 2011




Brian Kingett ONLINE_BW

Rada rehearsed reading: Charlie (Brian Kingett)
Photo: K Willoughby, 2011




Votes For Women_RADA_Photo_VBurgess_2011

Votes for Women: Sabina Arthur & Katie Russell at Rada
Photo: Val Burgess, 2011




2FC rehearsal shot ONLINE

Rehearsal: Prison Wardress (Maggie Turner)
Photo: Paride Odierna, 2011



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Hard graft, goodwill & performances in North Yorkshire




Votes for Women: Mrs Tuke (Emma Bowskill), Mary Leigh (Val Burgess) & Emily Davison (Kate Willoughby)
Photo: Chris Wheatley, 2009





Onwards to victory! TO FREEDOM’S CAUSE Cast shot at Finghall station
Photo: Chris Wheatley, 2009





Dress rehearsal: Emily Davison (Kate Willoughby), Passenger (Chris Wheatley) & Gerald Mudd (Howard Firth)
Photo: V Burgess, 2009





Photo: Chris Wheatley, 2009