WRITING – Lockdown

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A story that matters, needs to be heard

This short drama has an urgent and positive message.

It is both a thank you and, I hope, a means to open up conversations, helping to amplify the domestic abuse #YouAreNotAlone Public awareness campaign.

The story was orginally created as a screenplay, but would also work equally well as an audio drama.

The most recent version is just under 15 minutes in length.

Cast: Top L-R (Emilija Ellen, Moira Malone). Bottom L-R (Dan Edge, Rhona Finch)

Audience feedback

We ran a series of virtual rehearsed readings and here are some of the comments that came in:

“I am really impressed by this and to me this is how art should be: socially conscious, spontaneous, intimate and contemporary!”

“What an important and pertinent issue to shine a light on and what a fantastic piece. I think for a general audience it might open a lot of people’s eyes.”

“I found it really moving. mother daughter relationship I recognise myself.”

“The idea of domestic abuse introduced subtly at first then stronger was good.”

Cast & Creative Team

Written specifically for the Zoomsphere, the cross-Atlantic cast are:

MANDY — Rhona Finch
SARAH — Emilija Ellen
JENNY — Moira Malone
RALPH — Dan Edge

Created and produced by Kate Willoughby

This is a project from the ❤️ about a nightmare situation, surrounded by love and hope: #YouAreNotAlone.

The next stage

I am mindful that untold numbers of women and children for whom home is not a safe place.

Getting practical information out there at this critical time is vital.

To find out more about this project and how its message could help inform the Public, please get in touch.

There are so many incredible individuals, charities and grassroots organisations doing vital work in this critical sector.

I hope that this story can help to open up conversations and to help amplify the #YouAreNotAlone Public awareness campaign.

Yours in the Cause,

Kate Willoughby

Actor, writer, proud Yorkshirewoman & part-time suffragette.
Creative Director of #Emilymatters