LIZZIE PRESCOTT PRICE – Litter picking & neighbours

What’s inspired YOU during Lockdown – collage image by Kate Willoughby.

The joy I get from walking around the Barbican gardens and lakes have inspired me, during this most recent lockdown, to purchase a litter picker so I can collect rubbish whilst on my daily walk around the estate. I was also inspired by chatting to a fellow resident who is doing the same : Walter has been litter picking regularly on the estate for far longer than I have and it was he who encouraged me to get involved.

Lizzie Prescott Price

The Barbican and City of London cleaners do a wonderful job but they can’t be here all time so it’s a pleasure to help out. It’s also very satisfying – it feels like a triumph to haul an empty crisp packet from the edge of the lake or to retrieve a paper cup from the edge of the garden beds. I hate the thought of wildlife having to co-exist with litter. Cigarette butts are a particular obsession, I must admit…

Photo by Lizzie Prescott Price

Whilst I pick, I love seeing the stones that a kindly soul has painted with bright colours and written positive words and thoughts on. These are dotted around the Barbican gardens and they always make me smile.

It’s also been wonderful how many people stop and say a socially distanced hello – which is how I met Kate and heard about her great Lockdown Inspiration project!  

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