What’s inspired YOU during Lockdown – collage image by Kate Willoughby.

PAPERS was a way of using some of the 40 or so different envelope security linings collected in a few months from stuff in the post. Incorporating all sorts of other papers I happened to have. Bound (not very well) using a Japanese method. 

MEMORANDA is made of one sheet of A3 (see yellow example) learnt at a Mary Ward Centre course in 2004. Double sided photocopying produces an edition. The other two books (also one sheet A3) use a method learnt at a workshop in the library last February.

Gif of 11 colour images of some of booklets submitted by local resident Hazel Brothers.
Examples of Hazel’s beautiful booklets.

As you’ll see, there aren’t really any “binding skills” involved. I’ve always enjoyed making multiples such as prints or series of related ceramic pieces. So once the artwork for the book is done, the easy bit is photocopying as many copies as I want, and spreading them out on the floor – at that distance the imperfections are not so visible! 

Collage display from the project’s exhibition at Summer in Aldgate Festival 2021.

The work was suitable for lockdown because it can be done at home and I already have the materials I need. The main difficulty has been not being allowed to use the library’s photocopier and having to go to Mailboxes instead.

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