'What's inspired YOU during Lockdown?' Green background. Colour images in a collage, with the title as a banner in the centre on top of semi transparent paint line.
What’s inspired YOU during Lockdown – collage image by Kate Willoughby.

Thank you to everyone who got involved!

Please take a look at my project’s digital gallery.

Image of my Imagine Fund digital gallery:

I’ll be sharing more about my project on social media @katewilloughby8 (on Instagram and Twitter).

Culture Mile held an ‘Ideas Feast‘ on 26th May 2021, which included the unveiling of the Imagine Fund Mural, which hosts micro films about each of the 10 projects.

When you access the Imagine Fund Mural, just click on the ‘ENTER AS A VISITOR’ button.

Moving out of these dark times, I hope we can all some positives that we can take forward, and feel more rooted here.

As part of this, I am now working with Juliana Lottmann, who I met during this project and teaming up with actress/poet Natasha Anne Kelleher again to develop new pop-up events and projects on the theme of Re : Connect.

Re : Connect – Image by Kate Willoughby, 2021.