#Emilymatters at Woman Up London, 2015



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# E M I L Y M A T T E R S   A T   W O M A N   U P   L O N D O N !


Following a wonderfully warm Yorkshire welcome at the inaugural WEP York branch meeting, new adventures at Woman Up London beckoned!

The #Emilymatters performance at Woman Up! drew on my Emily Davison play, To Freedom’s Cause, as well as the #DearLauren voting matters campaign.



Working with Naomi Paxton, a fantastic cast stepped up to the challenge. What we did felt very much in keeping with the Actresses’ Franchise League, as well as the suffragettes.



The #Emilymatters Ensemble:

Mev Ahmad

Emilija Ellen

Stephanie Fayerman

Penny Lamport (Margaret Davison)

Naomi Paxton (Narrator, Herbert Jones)

Maggie Saunders

Genevieve Swallow

Jack Welch

Kate Willoughby (Emily Wilding Davison)


Whilst Kirsty Murray was key to the overall success of our involvement in the Woman Up festival. Her background in event management ensured everything went according to plan on the day.

Amanda Holmes, Chloe Hutchinson and Ayath Ullah from Team #Emilymatters were central to the planning process and it was great to get the support of members of #EmCrew, especially Nicola Gauld, Alice Dermody-Palmer and Alysha Bodman who saw the performance.


To be a suffragette takes courage, but the prize of equality is our pearl. We are feminists and our noble struggle is for generations yet unborn.
– Emily Davison, To Freedom’s Cause


The above quote is taken from the new Emily speech, based on her writings and set in 1913, where she addresses a meeting at the Conway Hall, London and offers a call to action.

You can hear the closing comments in this clip recorded at the WEP York branch inaugural meeting:



The whole operation was a fantastic team effort, which I hope did EWD and her sister suffragettes proud.



I am hugely grateful for the commitment, creativity, talent and generosity of spirit of everyone involved.

To quote Emily Davison herself: Yours in the Cause, NO SURRENDER!


Kate Willoughby
Actor & Writer of Emily Wilding Davison play To Freedom’s Cause



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Listening and valuing to others is very much a part of what we do. We think the quiet voices often have the most interesting things to say.

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