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#Emilymatters is a social media campaign to support and advance gender equality, particularly focusing on the importance of voting. Join our #loveyourvote campaign, because democracy works better when more of us have a say.

Help us do Emily Davison & her sister suffragettes proud by encouraging more women & young people to have their say at the Ballot Box on 8th June.


Drawing on the experience of suffragette Emily Davison we use drama and creativity we help to empower women and young people to use their voice and to be heard.


The deadline to register to vote for the general election has now past.
Our Register to Vote helped to spread this important democratic call out across social media. 

Our #GE2017 Toolkit has all the information you need. From voting by proxy, accessibility information to getting the facts.

The date of the 2017 UK general election has a poignant connection to Emily Davison. In 1913 just 4 days after her brave Votes For Women protest at the Epsom Derby protest, Emily died on 8th June.

Emily Wilding Davison


If ever there was a moment to reflect on just how important and precious our right to vote is, given that this election is likely to set the direction of the UK for decades to come, then this is it. Help us do Emily Davison proud and join our #loveyourvote campaign.




This general election will set the future course of the UK for decades to come. At the last general election 34% women didn’t vote.

The UK’s Electoral Commission estimates that around 6 million people are not yet correctly registered to vote, so there’s no better time than now to check that you, your friends, family and colleagues are registered to vote.

⏰ To vote you must register by: 22 May 23:59. Go to www.gov.uk/register-to-vote




Democracy Needs YOU! 

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Don’t let anyone make you feel that your voice, your vote doesn’t matter. It’s your precious birthright and one of the few times today that we are all equal.


Make your voice heard.

You can be sure that those who have very different views about a better future will vote.

Don’t let their voices be louder than yours.


The more women and young people who vote, the louder our voices will, ensuring that whoever forms the next government will have to listen amd take account of our views.

With regards to Emilymatters, we’re working on exciting plans for next year. Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted.

Kate Willoughby
Actor, Writer & Creative Director of #Emilymatters
Emily Wilding Davison play To Freedom’s Cause
You’ll find essential voter information in our GE2017 Toolkit 




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