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Emily matters is a social media campaign to support and advance gender equality, particularly focusing on the importance of voting. See our #Emilymatters page to find out more about what we do.

Through drama and creativity we help empower young people to use their voice and be heard.

O U T R E A C H  –  # U K P W 1 7




UK Parliament Week is an annual festival that engages people from across the UK with Parliament,
explores what it means to them and empowers them to get involved.


UK Parliament Week has run for seven years and #UKPW17 was its most successful to date. This year was also the first time that #Emilymatters has been a part of the festival, working with Girlguiding Anglia, WOW Bradford and Durham University’s Model Westminster Society.


Girlguiding Anglia
We are a region of Girlguiding, the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK.
We give girls and young women a space where they can be themselves.”



We created 2 clips for Girlguiding Anglia’s screenings of the film ‘Suffragette

This was very much what the #Emilymatters project is about, drawing on the past and looking to the future, whilst firmly rooted in the present.



WOW Bradford

A Southbank Centre festival which celebrates women and girls and explores the obstacles they face.”


It was great to be a part of a WOW Bradford. As a Yorkshire woman, it’s always great to return home and develop new ideas and creative projects.

This event was a new first for #Emilymatters as we partnered with Sonia Sandhu to provide the I Would Rather Be a Rebel: Modern Suffragette workshop, which highlighted Sophia Duleep Singh and Emily Davison, as part of an open discussion about activism today and why women’s voices matter.

There can never be any real feminism until every woman and girl is included in the movement.”
– Ndidi, workshop participant
Thank you to everyone who took #ReadyToVote18 photos – a new campaign for 2018, which will be part of the #Vote100 celebrations of the Representation of the People Act, a major UK anniversary in women’s suffrage history.


It’s wonderful that more remarkable women who worked tirelessly, often risking their livelihoods, reputation, as well as their lives, in order to campaign for equality and the right to vote.


Model Westminster Society – Durham University 

Award-winning new student group at Durham University. We give #studentvoice a platform in politics!

Craig Bateman is a supporter of the #Emilymatters project and so it was a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of of their #UKPW events.

We discussed the the history of the women’s suffrage movement, the importance of diversity and male allies over pizza and drinks. Participants added their contributions to our Phenomenal Women and Girls 2018 campaign, which will seeks to highlight those from the past, present, UK and the world who make a positive difference to the lives of women and young people.

Part of the legacy of this campaign will be to create an artwork with a direct link to the suffragettes and ‘To Freedom’s Cause’, my play about Emily Davison and several lesser known northern working class suffragettes.

The artwork will be a means of sharing the message of our work that:

We’re all part of story – passing the baton of democracy and freedom – from one generation to the next.

We’re standing on the shoulders of giants when it comes to campaigning for equality, social justice and democracy. Now it’s our turn – so I’m asking, what matters to you, what cause are you championing?

You can hear some more about the #Emilymatters Project, ‘To Freedom’s Cause‘ and our future plans in this Purple Radio interview with Caitlin Allen, recorded at Durham University.


Kate Willoughby
Actor & Writer of Emily Wilding Davison play To Freedom’s Cause

More about @Emilymatters:

Listening and valuing others’ contributions is very much a part of what we do.
We think the quiet voices often have the most interesting things to say.



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Our future plans are taking shape and so we’d love you to get involved and be part of our #Emilymatters Crew. Be inspired by remarkable women like Emily Davison, Sophia Duleep Singh and Sylvia Pankhurst but most of all take action.

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