2017 Review & Thanks


R E V I E W   &   T H A N K S

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It’s been another busy year for Team #Emilymatters. We’ve worked with a range of grassroots as well as established organisations, as part of our growing outreach work, which seeks to empower a new generation to use their voice and be heard!

We have a range of creative and drama based projects, including workshops suitable for schools and community groups as well as performances (from a solo performance of an Emily Davison speech, where she speaks to future generations [drawn from her writings], with accompanying talk, to performances of To Freedom’s Cause later in the year.

In addition, we also develop bespoke projects. Most recently we worked with Girlguiding Anglia and created two video clips as part of their UK Parliament Week activities.

We would love to work with you as part of an ongoing legacy project, so please do get in touch.


T H A N K   Y O U !

Thank you to all our amazing supporters and volunteers who helped us further develop suffragette Emily Davison’s powerful legacy, using social media, drama and creativity.

Here’s a brief overview of our highlights, which were many!

Before reflecting on the past year, we’re looking forward to a wonderful 2018, full of exciting #Vote100 events!

Join us on 6th February 2018, when we will be celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Representation of People Act , which gave the first group of women on the UK mainland the right to vote and all men.

We will be celebrating through out the day on social media and in Westminster.



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P A R L I A M E N T    W E E K

For the 2017 UK Parliament Week, we teamed up with Girlguiding Anglia, WOW Festival Bradford and Model Westminster Society (Durham). Read more about our participation in the most successful UK Parliament Week to date in our #Emilymatters Outreach – #UKPW17 page.

As part of the Model Westminster Society event, I spoke with Caitlin Allen. The interview gives an insight into the origins and aims of #Emilymatters, as well as highlighting some of our exciting plans for 2018, including a new creative outreach project, to be linked with performances of To Freedom’s Cause later in the year.



E M I L Y ‘S   B I R T H D A Y

This year we live streamed our annual Emily Davison birthday celebrations at the former WSPU Head Quarters in London.

Emily was born on 11th October 1872, in Blackheath, London, a date she now shares with International Day of the Girl, which very much reflects our work of drawing on the past to inspire and empower future generations, in the UK and around the world.


P A N K H U R S T   C E N T R E

Gail Heath and her amazing team have been very supportive of our work since 2014. This year we took part in the Pankhurst Centre’s Heritage Open Days weekend.

A special ‘Take tea with Emilyperformance, gave visitors of all ages the opportunity to meet Emily Davison and take tea with her, as she told them about the suffragettes and her hopes for the future.

The Pankhurst Centre, on Nelson Street, Manchester, is the place where where the suffragette movement was founded by Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters in 1903.

This autumn we supported the Centre’s successful #PankhurstGarden crowdfunding campaign to create a very special legacy for generations of Manchester women and children to come.


# E M I L Y M A T T E R S   O N   T O U R ! 

Through out the summer and autumn, we took part in a number of fantastic feminist events, including:




As part of the #NPWLive Leeds event, I wrote an opinion piece for the Yorkshire Post, about young people finding their voice and the suffragette legacy.


# L O V E   Y O U R   V O T E !

The UK’s general election took place on the 8th June, which was the anniversary of Emily Davison’s death. In contrast to an increasingly tribal and shouty Public discourse, we ran our #loveyourvote campaign, which sought to encourage more women and young people to use their hard won democratic right.

#Emilymatters is non partisan, so it was important that we led a more positive and empowering campaign, which drew interest and support from across the UK. From Glasgow to London, Cardiff, Yorkshire, the South East and the South West our #loveyourvote message seemed to resonate.



Thank you to everyone who got involved in our campaign to encourage women and young people, in particular, to register and then vote on 8th June 2017. ? Your vote is powerful and fragile. 

Are you registered to vote? If not, now is the perfect time! ℹ️ www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

Those are just some of the highlights of another busy year. Thank you to everyone who got involved with our outreach work and for the continued support of so many amazing supporters.

Here’s to an exciting 2018!




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#Emilymatters supports and advances gender equality, particularly focusing on the importance of voting.

Much of our work and future projects are about bringing people together, to celebrate how far we have come and through drama and creativity, helping to empower a new generation to use their voice and be heard.

We have a range of creative and drama based projects, including workshops suitable for schools and community groups as well as performances (from a solo performance of an Emily Davison speech, where she speaks to future generations [drawn from her writings], with accompanying talk, to performances of To Freedom’s Cause later in the year.

In addition, we also create bespoke projects, most recently two video clips for Girlguiding Anglia’s UK Parliament Week activities:

We would love to work with you as part of an ongoing legacy project, so please do get in touch.




Let’s look to the future and build a powerful living legacy, which has a positive ripple effect, from one generation to the next!

Kate Willoughby

Actor, Writer & Creative Director of #Emilymatters




Listening and valuing what others have to say is very much a a part of what we do.
It matters to us that you are heard and not just at election time.

It’s time to Step Up! | Vote! | Lead!