Fly The Flag: Art & Human Rights

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Through drama and creativity we help empower
women and young people to use their voice and be heard.

Bringing people together, to celebrate how far we have come and to empower a new generation to use their voice and be heard is central to the #Emilymatters initiative.

We take inspiration from the legacy of suffragette Emily Wilding Davison, as well as the stories of Ordinary, Brave and Extraordinary women, past and the present.

Courage Calls!


27th June 2019

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Fly The Flag: Art & Human Rights 

On Monday, I took part in a special panel discussion at Sadler’s Wells as part of  the #FlyTheFlag70 festival.

“The rich and thought-provoking discussion considered how we are often unaware of our human rights, take them for granted, or think about them as something relating to ‘others’. It highlighted how there is still a lot to be done to build understanding that each and every one of us has a minimum set of fundamental rights at any given time, and how art is uniquely placed to humanise stories, make individual issues universal, appeal to our emotions and foster empathy among people – ultimately advancing the cause of human rights for all.”


I believe that Emily Davison would be campaigning today for our right to have the final say on Brexit, in a free and fair vote:

“We did not shrug our shoulders in the face of self-interest, misogyny and social injustice. We worked shoulder to shoulder, in solidarity, across borders and the oceans wide. Sisters moving forwards together, with our friends and allies by our sides.”
– Emily Davison, from ‘Courage Calls for a People’s Vote!’ By Kate Willoughby.

It is too easy to see Human Rights as something that doesn’t affect us directly, yet equality and voting rights have been back in the headlines over the past few weeks. These are our rights and we must defend them here and across the world!

Please support the Fly The Flag festival and support all those who are working to ensure that governments, organisations and individuals respect our Human Rights.

Courage Calls! 

Yours in the Cause,

Kate Willoughby
Actor & Writer of Emily Wilding Davison play To Freedom’s Cause  


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