Time to Celebrate! #Emilymatters

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C E L E B R A T I O N !


Join us as we celebrate Emily Davison’s birthday!



We would love you to join us on Sunday (8th October), as we look ahead to next year’s important UK women’s suffrage 100th anniversary as well as raise a cup to equality – in honour of suffragette Emily Davison’s birthday, which since 2012, she shares with International Day of the Girl.

Wherever in the world you may be, you’re invited!

Sign up for updates about our upcoming special campaign for 2018.

Join us with a slice of feminist cake, bought or baked, along with a cuppa from 3.45pm BST.

Equality is a matter for everyone and in order to affect lasting change, voting matters!

Keep pushing until women and men are equal. When no child is told that she is not worthy,
that her voice simply doesn’t matter, because she is a girl.
— Emily Wilding Davison. (Extract from To Freedom’s Cause by Kate Willoughby).

The play focuses on Emily and her sister suffragettes and is remains very much a part of #Emilymatters 2018 plans.


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