#Emilymatters at WEP York’s inaugural meeting

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Emily matters is a social media campaign to support and advance gender equality, particularly focusing on the importance of voting. See our #Emilymatters page to find out more about what we do.


H O M E   R U N   &   A    N E W   D I R E C T I O N !


It’s been a busy week or so. Last Monday I represented #Emilymatters and gave the first performance of the new Emily Davison speech from To Freedom’s Cause at the inaugural meeting of the York branch of the Women’s Equality Party.

Here’s a short extract from the finale of the speech, which was inspired by Emily Davison’s writings – from the bravery of the suffragettes to the battles ahead..



Performing this new material in York at the beginning of a new feminist voice in North Yorkshire meant a great to me personally and professionally. See the following storify for the full picture:



I would like to thank Carmel, Pen, Katie, Cathy, Sarah, Helen and everyone at WEP York for the warm welcome. It was great to be in at the start of this exciting new chapter for equality in Yorkshire and the UK!

To quote Emily Davison herself: Yours in the Cause, NO SURRENDER!


Kate Willoughby
Actor & Writer of Emily Wilding Davison play To Freedom’s Cause



We’ve got lots of exciting plans ahead and we’d love you to get involved. Get in touch and find out how you can be part of our #Emilymatters Crew:

Listening and valuing to others is very much a part of what we do. We think the quiet voices often have the most interesting things to say.

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