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# E M I L Y M A T T E R S  –  O N   P E R I S C O P E ! 




The first @Emilymatters #Periscope came from the former HQ of the suffragettes’ WSPU (Women’s Social & Political Union) in London. The WSPU, led by Emmeline Pankhurst moved to this location, on Kingsway, in 1912. See Elizabeth Crawford’s excellent post about the location for more historical background information.

Elizabeth has been very supportive of my suffragette Emily Davison play To Freedom’s Cause and helped me to more accurately represent the North East suffragettes.

Thanks to everyone who got involved in our first scope and made our first venture on this new social live streaming app such a success.

Jack from Team #Emilymatters joined me and we talked about suffragette history, what @Emilymatters is all about and why #Votingmatters.


If you are interested in the suffragettes, you’ll love what we’ve got planned next!


What’s Persicope all about? Watch this great introduction by Sunny Lenarduzzi.

If you’ve got a Twitter account, it’s very easy to create a Periscope account. Get signed up before our next scope, let us know @Emilymatters and we’ll follow you back!

1) Get the Periscope app.

2) Follow @Emilymatters.

3) It’ll whistle when we’re live!

4) Click on pop up icon.

5) Say hello & tap the screen if you like what we’re talking about – you’ll see hearts bubble up.



We’ve got more scopes on the way, along with Twitter Chats and some exciting new future projects in development, so now’s a great time to get in touch. You can find us on:

Powerful legacy: the bravery of Emily Davison & her sister suffragettes in campaigning for the right to vote still resonates today.

Voting is just the start. We’re busy planning future creative projects that will encourage young people and women, not only to vote, but to step up and lead.

There are exciting times ahead so please do get in touch!

You can find us on:

Listening and valuing what others have to say is very much a a part of what we do. It matters to me that you are heard and not just at election time.


Kate Willoughby
Actor & Writer of Emily Wilding Davison play To Freedom’s Cause













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