#Votingmatters Chat – Reflections on the Leaders’ Debate

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 # V O T I N G M A T T E R S   C H A T   –   R E F L E C T I O N S   O N   T H E   L E A D E R S’   D E B A T E




We’re continuing to develop our Why #votingmatters chat and this time we worked with e-voting software specialists mi-voice, to help us choose a chat hashtag. Much like the expected outcome of the 2015 general election itself, the vote was finely balanced.



mi-voice Chat hashtag poll: #vmleaders – 50%; #vmdebate – 46% & Other #3.6%


In the lead up to the debate the core Emilymatters team researched the various political parties and we encouraged others to get involved. We received tweets from across the UK with links to relevant articles and clips as well as blog posts.

Phil Hodges sent us his summary of what Labour has to offer young people, whilst Rachel Collinson, who I met at the recent Women in Parliament event, sent in her summary of the Greens policies for young people.


VM_L_02Apr15_PeoplesPolitics_get involved.

Whilst the #vmleaders participants’responses to the televised Leaders’ debate on 2 April reflected the mood of those who took to social media:


VM_L_02Apr15_Amber_Need more wmn VM_L_02Apr15_Emilyhwkns_LW_NB_NS_standing tall_a1


If you missed the Leaders’ debate and want a brief introduction to each of the 7 leaders, see our pre Why #votingmatters chat post for 15 second clips (from the BBC Election team) about each of them, as well as links to further information.

The Why #votingmatters chat format is constantly under development in response to your feedback.




Our focus is on the issues that affect young people and women, which the Leaders’ debate failed to address in any significant way:


VM_L_02Apr15_JackWelch_more on yp neededVM_L_02Apr15_NoorKay_not enough on yp.

The televised debate clearly got people talking, but did it reach out to those who feel voting doesn’t matter?


VM_L_02Apr15_H_Bevs_people not eng not watchingVM_L_02Apr15_BeckyHIllustration_yp_more platforms.

And did it change how people planned to vote?


VM_L_02Apr15_LauraCurranMYP_knew vote_proved whyVM_L_02Apr15_MehvashAmnaAhmad_helped decideVM_L_02Apr15_H_Bevs_helped decide_confirmedVM_L_02Apr15_Alexisoreos_never dare vote forVM_L_02Apr15_AliceDermodyPalmer_wish vote_small ps


The overwhelmingly positive response to the 3 women leaders amongst our #vmleaders chat participants shows there’s no going back to the male, pale and stale Westminster if our politicians want to encourage more young people and women into the democratic process:


VM_L_02Apr15_Amber_Need more wmnVM_L_02Apr15_PhilHodges_wmn_won VM_L_02Apr15_TownCentreLabour_wmn_won

VM_L_02Apr15_HollyJoscelyne_get involved_wow.

So over all, the #vmleaders participants felt the Leaders’ debate had positive outcomes – from the impressive performance by the 3 women leaders, to tackling the debate’s shortcomings – not reaching out to those who don’t plan vote or the lack of focus on issues that matter to young people and women.


A rising tide carries all boats, or in this case votes.


The Emilymatters team includes young political activists and we continue to build partnerships with other campaigns and organisations, including the WEAThe Peoples’ Politics, Fawcett BSE and now mi-voice.

We’re planning the next stage of the campaign, working alongside @RegistHERtoVote, which will include an exciting new campaign to encourage more young people and women to vote.

And we’d love you to join us!

Get in touch. We’re on:






Kate Willoughby
Actor & Writer of Emily Wilding Davison play To Freedom’s Cause




A rising tide carries all VOTES!



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