Why #votingmatters – Intro to Twitter chats

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W H Y   # V O T I N G M A T T E R S  –  I N T R O   T O   T W I T T E R   C H A T S



The next Why #votingmatters chat begins at 6.30pm on Sunday 01 March 2015.


VM_chat_NMP3_looking forward_17Jan15.

If you’ve not taken part in a Twitter chat before, you’ll need to have a Twitter account, which you can set up via the Twitter homepage. Twitter has a very useful Help Center that shows you how to set up your account as well as other useful information for getting started.

Once you’ve got a Twitter account, you’re good to go!



Twitter chats take place at a specific time and can take place at a regular time/date or as one-off conversations.

What is a Twitter chat? It’s when a group of people all tweet about the same topic using a specific hashtag (#), which allows the conversation to be followed on Twitter.

The specific hashtag for the chat will be #vm15chat  – that’s currently unique on Twitter. This will make it easier to follow the chat, especially if you haven’t joined one before.

Here’s a short extract from one of our previous Why #votingmatters chats, to show you what a chat looks like:



Please note we will now be using #vm15chat for our chats.



What’s next?

Follow @Emilymatters to see the question(s) as they come in.

We will then begin to RT responses as well as respond to the contributions made:

  • You can reply direct to the question tweet (using A1, A2 or A3 to questions 1, 2 or 3 is helpful as it helps us collate the conversation)
  • Or you can start to follow #vm15chat instead and get involved in the conversation by responding to others who have already replied
  • When you reply to a question or to another person in the conversation, please use #vm15chat


VM_Chat_JennieMacfie_set alarm_18Jan15.

Some more Why #votingmatters chat information: 

  • The chat is 30 minutes – however, it’s fine to continue the conversation afterwards
  • There will be 3 questions
  • Follow @Emilymatters for the questions & RTs
  • You can also take a look at the #vm15chat hashtag
  • Reply directly to the question or to someone else’s response & include #vm15chat in your tweet
  • The chat will be moderated – but if you see an inappropriate tweet, please let us know @Emilymatters
  • And if you can’t join us this time, we’ll be sharing a storify afterwards

There’s some more helpful information about getting involved in a Twitter chat here.

Otherwise, please get in touch with @Emilymatters and we’ll see if we can help.


Votingmatters logo_X_BuxtonSkript_36pt_CROP_Outside_BOX_A_80096b_purplefont.

#Votingmatters is a new campaign from #Emilymatters. which champions gender equality and encourages young women to vote, ensuring that legacies of women, such as suffragette Emily Davison, are not forgotten.



We’re developing the format in response to your feedback and ideas, so please do get in touch.


MehvashAmnaAhmad_vm_conv_No box_12Jan15


Led by young people, it’s an open platform for discussion for all – across the UK and beyond.

Together we can make a positive difference, just like the suffragettes, whose creativity and solidarity saw them through the worst of times and brought about change for good.


Olympic suffragettes_EmmaT_YasN_EmilyTree_MISC.

With only 39% of women aged 18-24 voted in 2010, it’s time for #DeedsANDWords.


Wherever you in the world, whatever your age or background, be in no doubt that your voice matters.


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World Time Zone Converter


Join our next Why #votingmatters Twitter chat on Sunday 18 January 2015 GMT – follow @Emilymatters.


Kate Willoughby
Actor & Writer of Emily Wilding Davison play To Freedom’s Cause



Emily Davison’s legacy is for life, not just for 2013.

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