From immersive pop-up theatre events, to an historic performance of her suffragette play To Freedom’s Cause in the House of Commons, Kate Willoughby combines drama with creativity to entertain, educate and empower.

To Freedom’s Cause should be seen by every woman and teenage girl. And by anybody who couldn’t be bothered to vote. Moving, stirring and passionate.
– Jane Garvey (BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour presenter)

Her current project developed during the Covid-19 lockdown highlights domestic abuse and is part of the #Emilymatters initiative that aims to build a community of confident, empowered people who know their opinion counts.

“What an important and pertinent issue to shine a light on and what a fantastic piece. I think for a general audience it might open a lot of people’s eyes.”
– Leah Bevan-Haines

Sharing the stories of Ordinary, Brave and Extraordinary women is at the heart of Kate’s work.

Kate has developed strong links with a range of community partners through a series of impactful outreach events relating to To Freedom’s Cause.

If equality and voting matter to you, please do get in touch.

Historic performance in the House of Commons in support of the
Emily Davison statue in Parliament campaign, 13 February 2014.
Photo: Rachel Cochrane, 2014

The play does not simply pay lip service to the suffragette movement, particularly Emily Wilding Davison and her extreme tactics. It examines multiple points of view and offers a meaningful interrogation of equality, democracy and what actions are necessary and permissible in the pursuit of what is deemed to be right and just.”
– A Younger Theatre

Given that manufactured has been actively encouraged for much of the last four years, I believe that we need to rediscover our sense of a common humanity and empathy for others, for all our futures.

Both the Arts and the power of Story have a central role to play in this.

The road ahead is long, with sometimes dispiriting setbacks, but the destination is worth it. The best is yet to come.

#CourageCalls! 💜🕊💚

Kate Willoughby
Actor, Writer, Campaigner & Creative Director of #Emilymatters

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Emily Thornberry MP, founder of the Emily Davison Statue in Parliament campaign, making the case for a statue of the suffragette in Parliament.
Photo: Brian Astbury, 2014