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Projects include Emily Davison play TO FREEDOM’S CAUSE:

To Freedom’s Cause should be seen by every woman and teenage girl. And by anybody who couldn’t be bothered to vote. Moving, stirring and passionate.
– Jane Garvey (BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour presenter)



Historic performance in the House of Commons in support of the
Emily Davison statue in Parliament campaign, 13 February 2014.
Photo: Rachel Cochrane, 2014


The play does not simply pay lip service to the suffragette movement, particularly Emily Wilding Davison and her extreme tactics. It examines multiple points of view and offers a meaningful interrogation of equality, democracy and what actions are necessary and permissible in the pursuit of what is deemed to be right and just.”
– A Younger Theatre


Uniquely this play explores both the lead up to the 1913 Epsom Derby where Emily made her daring Votes for Women protest as well as the unforeseen consequences her action had on others, including the King’s jockey, Herbert Jones.


#Emilymatters supports gender equality & the Emily Davison Statue in Parliament campaign. 


Kate Willoughby created #Emilymatters as part of the social media campaign to open up the special House of Commons event on 13 February 2014 to a wider audience, where ‘To Freedom’s Cause’ was performed, followed by a lively & informative debate that was chaired by Jane Garvey (BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour presenter).



Emily Thornberry MP, founder of the Emily Davison Statue in Parliament campaign, making the case for a statue of the suffragette in Parliament.
Photo: Brian Astbury, 2014