Why #votingmatters – Twitter chat 2 – Thank you!

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  # V O T I N G M A T T E R S    –     T W I T T E R   C H A T   2

T H A N K   Y O U !


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The questions ballot proved popular and was introduced thanks to a suggestion by @MevyAhmad.
We included the two with the most votes: 2 (32%) & 1 (26%).


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#Votingmatters is a new campaign from #Emilymatters. which champions gender equality and encourages young women to vote, ensuring that legacies of women, such as suffragette Emily Davison, are not forgotten.


Z_VM chat END_AdamVanCoevorden_incisive thoughtful_feel better_BOX_10Dec14.

The second Why #votingmatters  Twitter chat took place on Wednesday 10 December 2014, with Ayath Ullah co-hosting. Ayath has been incredibly supportive of the campaign and his direct involvement in the running of these Twitter chats has been invaluable.


We are not often given the opportunity to express our views on topics like this, particularly on social media as people often fear backlash on their views … it is easy to be demoralised by progress when you’re surrounded be people belittling your capabilities whether that be due to age and/or gender.
– Robyn Dooley, MYP for Knowsley


The next chat will take place @Emilymatters on Sunday 18 January 2015 (6.30-7PM GMT).


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The questions ballot proved popular so we’d love to hear from you.

Send us your #votingmatters questions and suggestions @Emilymatters or via email, as Mehvash, Robyn, Yasmin & Chloe did.

And if you haven’t yet registered to vote, you can do so online now in under 5 minutes.

Not sure if you’re already registered or if you have any other questions about it:  Contact your local Electoral Services Office.


Here’s an overview of our second Why #votingmatters chat:


Q1_Top responses_BLOG_incl Q_10Dec14

Why #votingmatters Twitter chat 2 extract – Question 1
(Winner of the questions ballot)
For the full conversation see our storify.


These chats are a platform for positive ideas and different perspectives on the democratic process from seasoned voters, first time voters and anyone who has felt that politics isn’t for them.

The question that Mehvash Amna Ahmad (UK Youth Voice’s East Rep) sent in was runner up and so was also included in the chat:


Q2_In the expanding digital age_MevyAhmad_Ballot_2ndplace_BOX_AA_10Dec14

Runner up in the questions ballot. Sent in by @MevyAhmad.

Q2_YasminNCS_Xbox Hacked_BOX_10Dec14

Q2_Katie_SciPhiKat_Yes_app or website_BOX_10Dec14

The last question was sent in by Robyn Dooley, a member of the UK Youth Parliament: 


Q3_16-24 yr olds most proactive_laziest_Q only_A_RobynMYP_Q__BOX_10Dec14

Question from @robynmyp.

Q3_kaneki ken_societal prejudice of teenagers_BOX_BLOG_10Dec14
Q3_CraigBateman_yp biggest change makers_lack pol capital_cant vote_BOX_10Dec14
Q3_NoorKay_media focusing on minority_ephebiphobia_fear of youth_BOX_BLOG_10Dec14


The storifys of our second Why #votingmatters chat will be available shortly.


Why #votingmatters Twitter chat – 10 December 2014

Q1 – In the UK, 78% of MPs are men. How can we persuade more women to go into politics?

Q2 – In the expanding digital age, should we have online voting for general elections & referendums?

Q3 – 16-24 yr olds are the most proactive generation, in terms of social change + creating positive impact, yet still portrayed as the laziest. Why?


To see the previous Why #votingmatters chat, go to our Storify page.



We’ll be sharing details of our next #votingmatters Twitter chat on Sunday 18 January (6.30-7pm GMT) via social media so make sure you follow/Like for updates. 



#votingmatters globally, the launch of the campaign in time for Emily Davison’s birthday, included tweets, photos and #DearLauren messages to a first time voter from the around the world.

It’s interesting to find out what is/isn’t working in the UK as well as further afield. Together we can make a positive difference, just like the suffragettes, whose creativity and solidarity saw them through the worst of times and brought about change for good.

We will continue to ensure that young people are at the heart of these chats, so if you’re an activist, a teacher or someone with a question for upcoming #votingmatters chats please contact us, via Twitter or email.


VM_LouvainRees_hellohistoria_helped give me a voice_23Nov14.

These Twitter chats draw on the success of the #Emilymatters House of Commons event in February 2014, which used social media to reach a wider audience.

Thanks to everyone who has got involved with our Why #votingmatters Twitter chats.

Made by YOU!


Z_VM chat END_its 11pm_insightful practical forward thinking_thankyou_BOX_10Dec14.

The next chat will take place @Emilymatters on Sunday 18 January 2015 (6.30-7PM GMT).


Kate Willoughby
Actor & Writer of Emily Wilding Davison play To Freedom’s Cause



Emily Davison’s legacy is for life, not just for 2013.

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