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#Emilymatters UK General Election, 2015 Storify
#Emilymatters European & Local Elections, 2014 Storify

#Emilymatters is a social media campaign to support and advance gender equality, particularly focusing on the importance of voting.

From the House of Commons to the Scottish Independence Referendum the 2015 General Election and the EU Referendum, #Emilymatters was there.

Much of the campaign and future project is about bringing people together, to celebrate how far we have come and through drama and creativity helping to empower a new generation to use their voice and be heard.




LOVE YOUR VOTE: Our general election campaign to encourage women and young people, in particular, to register than then vote on 8th June 2017. Help spread the word! bit.ly/loveyourvote-signup

🗳 Your vote is powerful and fragile.

Don’t let your precious democratic birthright go to waste. Our #ge2017 toolkit has helpful information – including how to register to vote, the basics about the political parties as well as vital information for voters with a disability.

🗳 Your voice and your vote matter. 





The deadline for voter registration is Monday 22 May (23:59). Do suffragette Emily Davison proud and register to vote today!

ℹ️ www.gov.uk/register-to-vote



Get involved and help us honour the legacy of Emily Davison and her sister suffragettes. You can sign up for our #loveyourvote campaign newsletter via: bit.ly/loveyourvote-signup


8th June, General Election & an Emily Davison anniversary

The next UK general election will take place on the 8th June, which means it’s vital we encourage more women and young people to use their hard won democratic right.

Too many people today feel that their voice doesn’t matter, we’re working to build a community of confident, empowered people who know their opinion counts.

The date of this year’s general election has a poignant connection to Emily Davison, because it was on this date, in 1913, that Emily died just four days after her brave Votes For Women protest at the Epsom Derby.



Over 15 million people didn’t bother to vote at the last general election. Next year it will be the 100th anniversary of the first major milestone in women getting the right to vote in the UK when some women were got the right to vote (We had to wait until 1928 for all women to have the same voting rights as men).

Help us encourage more women & young people to use their voice and be heard at the ballot box.

🗳️ Your voice matters. And not just at election time.

Voting is your hard won right, your birthright. It’s a precious gift that in some parts of the world today people still risk their lives to use.

Don’t let anyone silence you. But most of all, please don’t silence yourself. We are all equal at the ballot box, we all have one vote – if we register! ℹ️ www.gov.uk/register-to-vote


We Choose Hope. 

Today we thinking of all who are frightened for their futures, of those who are worrying about the direction of their nation, particularly our friends in the USA given yesterday’s devastating news about Affordable Care Act.

Anger, fear and greed continue to dominate much of the public narrative on both sides of the Atlantic. Our November 10th post on Instagram still holds true:

“To all our friends, known & unknown, never forget that
no matter the disappointments or the setbacks,
our direction is forwards – with love.
Emily Davison & her sister suffragettes are willing us on.
It is our choice whether or not to further their noble cause.
We choose Hope. Shoulder to Shoulder with you. Always.”


A Great Week for Women’s Suffrage Champions!

We celebrate all women’s suffrage campaigners, not just the famous ones. The more positive and diverse role models we can celebrate, the better: Shoulder to Shoulder and friend to friend!

Congratulations to the Our Emmeline Statue, Millicent Fawcett Statue and Alice Hawkins Statue campaigns on their recent successes.

If you’re campaigning for a statue of a woman/women who matter to you, let us know so we can support!



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Toni Morrison’s bold and brave quotation, I believe sums up what we should all strive for in this new era of post truth and fear mongering, just as those who campaigned for the right to vote when they faced unrelenting opposition.




To all friends, known and unknown of the #Emilymatters campaign, never forget that no matter the disappointments or the setbacks, our direction is forwards – with love.

Emily Davison and her sister suffragettes are willing us on. It is our choice whether or not to further their noble cause.

I would like to reach out, to begin looking at ways of mutually encouraging and supporting other creative endeavours beyond borders and walls. Early days, but given that Toni Morrison’s inspirational call to action is clearly resonating, please do get in touch.

If the suffragettes were able to actively support their sisters’ endeavours across the UK, Europe, the USA and beyond, then why can’t we?

Kate Willoughby
Actor, Writer & Creative Director of #Emilymatters


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Since the launch in 2009 of ‘To Freedom’s Cause’, a highly-acclaimed play written by Kate Willoughby, highlighting the important legacy of suffragette Emily Wilding Davison, a woman who gave her life in the pursuit of equal voting rights for women, the Emily matters campaign has gone from strength to strength, attracting more than 4,000 followers on Twitter, using the hashtag #Emilymatters.


Emilymatters series_RosieNAWO_YasNecati_SheilaYORK_JustineGreeningMP.

With high profile supporters including Dr Helen Pankhurst (great granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst), BBC Radio 4 ‘Woman’s Hour’ presenter Jane Garvey, noted feminist campaigners Yas Necati and Emily Thornberry MP, the movement has seen action in the Houses of Parliament, addressing the need to tackle the issue of gender equality at a national and international level.


Emilymatters series_WOW_busyworld_GirlGuides_TateBrit_ClareOHIO.

Emily matters champions and supports gender equality, focusing on how precious our democratic rights are and aims to ensure that legacies such as Emily Wilding Davison’s are not forgotten.


HoC photostream_debate_General_ML_EWD_Feb2014_J

#Emilymatters event included a performance included a performance of ‘To Freedom’s Cause’ & a debate chaired by Jane Garvey with Chi Onwurah MP, Dr Helen Pankhurst, Yas Necati & Emma Barnett.


Emily matters seeks to give a voice to those who are still fighting for freedom’s cause; to vote, to speak freely, to be equal.

2FC_EM_Listening_KW_QUOTE_2015.Outreach work is central to the campaign.

Team #Emilymatters ran a highly successful #Votingmatters campaign in the lead up to the UK 2015 general election, which included Twitter chats, a voting matters Twibbon, speeches and events.




Since 2015 Kate has given talks on voting matters all over the UK, including Bolton 6th Form College, Glasgow’s SiMY ProjectRoyal Holloway (where Emily Davison was once a student) and the House of Commons (For @RockingAWomen).


Emily matters | Voting matters | Equality matters

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Listening and valuing what others have to say is very much a a part of what we do. It matters to us that you are heard and not just at election time.



We created a new #Emilymatters performance for the first Woman Up! London festival, which included scenes from To Freedom’s Cause as well as the #DearLauren voting matters campaign.



This performance marked a new development in the campaign, building on our social media engagement by bringing live interactive work direct to groups and organisations.



The material also included a new Emily Davison speech drawn from her writings, which premiered at the inaugural meeting of the York branch of the Women’s Equality Party in August 2015.


To be a suffragette takes courage, but the prize of equality is our pearl. We are feminists and our noble struggle is for generations yet unborn.
– Emily Davison, To Freedom’s Cause


With the worldwide popularity of the ‘Suffragette’ film, it’s great to see that voting and women’s rights very much on the agenda. Which is where they need to be if we are to affect further meaningful change.

There is still so much to be done, but it is also important to celebrate the progress made so far.



If equality and voting matter to you, please get in touch as we’re planning new collaborative creative projects!

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