Emily Davison & the suffragette legacy

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#Emilymatters is a social media campaign, inspired by suffragette Emily Davison, that champions gender equality and has a specific focus on voting matters. See our #Emilymatters page to find out more about what we do.

On 8th June 1913, four days after her brave Derby Day protest, Emily Davison died at Epsom Cottage hospital.

We paid tribute to Emily and honoured her memory on Saturday at the Epsom Derby, by taking a positive voting matters and  register to vote messsage on social media (with a Thunderclap) and at the racecourse itself.

Whilst Emily Davison’s 1913 Epsom Derby protest remains a controversial act, with some arguing that it damaged the case for women’s suffrage, women’s suffrage expert V. Irene Cockroft, re-examines what happened on that fateful Derby day in her guest post for us.



We will continue to honour the bravery, tenacity and unshakable determination of Emily Davison, Mary Leigh, Sylvia Pankhurst, Sophia Duleep Singh, Flora Drummond and their sister suffragettes but remain mindful that their work is far from over. Equality matters! 

Yesterday, the 150th anniversary of the presentation to Parliament of the petition for women’s votes was celebrated with the official unveiling of the New Dawn women’s suffrage artwork by Mary Branson.

Whilst outside Westminster Hall Sisters Uncut made an impassioned and powerful call for change. We support their vital campaign #DeadWomenCantVote


Earlier today we joined the #VotingWomen with Alison McGovern, a timely debate looking at the suffragette and suffragist legacy and how we can address equality matters today.



The #Emilymatters campaign draws on Emily Davison’s important legacy and seeks to educate, entertain and empower.

Listening and valuing what others have to say is very much a part of what we do. It matters to me that you are heard and not just at election time.

The #Emilymatters Team is developing some innovative new projects, which will include To Freedom’s Cause and draw on the campaign’s outreach work to date.

To find out more about our voting matters campaigns and how you can get involved, see our #Emilymatters page.

If you believe that equality and democracy matter, please do get in touch.


Kate Willoughby 

Step Up | Vote | Lead
Because #youmatter




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